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Finally, you are ready to explore the writer inside you. That’s exciting, and we are here to support you. We provide you with the right platform to showcase your masterpiece to the world without hassle.
Probably you have already started juggling with your mind about ideas, or even you might have an interesting idea that the world needs to know. So, why wait? Start writing and send us. Before sending your piece, we recommend you read our editorial guidelines.

What Kind of Post Do We Accept?

At Women’s Clothing, we accept guest posts on women’s fashion to share with our 10K+ audience. In addition, every day, we produce high-quality content for our valuable readers. So, we are looking for a contributor/writer who can submit posts that cover women’s fashion.

Before writing, please make sure your content matches our writing standards and categories.

See what we cover:

Our Editorial Guidelines - MUST Follow!

WRITE TO US - Womens Clothing

1. Original Contents Only

We only accept 100% unique and plagiarized-free content. So, before sending your content to us, make sure it is not published anywhere and written in your words only. 

2. Style

We prefer to write your article in American-English and conversation style. We want our blogs to maintain a straight connection with our audience and an easy tone appreciated by readers.

3. Content

We want you to write content that doesn’t post anywhere. Instead, choose an interesting topic that gives value to our readers. You can choose from several categories of your choice, but ensure it will be your masterpiece.

Your article should not be self-promoted since your aim is to satisfy our readers. Also, do remember to write crisp. Do not write one thing in several ways.

Our team will go through the content you will send, but we do not promise 100% to publish your post, but our feedback is a must to check.

4. Formatting

That’s really important, and we want you to pay a little more attention to it. Your article must satisfy the following:

  • Content length should be a maximum of 1000 words
  • Must check title and subheads
  • Include images where required
  • Capitalize each word of the title and subtitles
  • Include visual graphics, statistical data links, graphs, tables wherever possible
  • Each paragraph of the content do not exceed 150 words (it should not be lengthy)
  • Make sure to check the content with the Grammarly tool to avoid grammatical errors.

5. Backlinks

If you are a blogger and want a backlink from us, we accept only one link to your website and 4 to 5 external links that support data and facts. However, we highly appreciate it if you do add internal linking to our blogs in your post.

Why Should You Write for Fitness-Freak?

Do you want to give worldwide exposure to your brand? If so, this is why we are the first choice for every blogger when it comes to guest posts. We have a loyal fan base on our website and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With us, you will see your post is SEO optimized and ranked on the top of search pages. In addition, we have several business partners where your content finds its space easily. In contrast, with ranked posts, you can gain huge traffic to your site that eventually increases your site’s credibility.

How To Submit The Guest Post?

If you want to submit your guest post on health and fitness, then send us your post via email at [email protected] If your content meets our standards, you will definitely hear from us! Good Luck!
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