Casual Fashion For women over 50

Casual Fashion For Women Over 50


A term – radiant in itself!

And if you think there is a patent of any particular age-bracket on this seven-letter word FASHION, then you are living in a great delusion!

Sadly, the attribute of looking good has always been associated with the youth! Which in reality, never really held the complete truth! Signifying beauty is all about witnessing the mark of grace and dignity.

The art of carrying oneself with poise and finesse is what we call the real charm!

Fashion means staying in line with the latest clothing-style, hair, and accessories which brings us back to various age-categories that have defined it for themselves. Clearly stating it to be a matter far-off from the parameter called age!

So, this post is for all those ladies who have crossed their fifties and are looking for ways to celebrate their femininity with some elegant clothing and breathtaking styles!

Along with some great suggestions for clothes for older women, the post will also give away the insights to help you find your real essence. An essence that is far beyond the outer beauty and towards mending an attitude that would bring your confident-being in the light!

Here are the few permutations and combinations to help you reinvent your personality.

  1. Say it with Trousers:

    Pairing a radiant top with an elegant pair of trousers is something that would reflect the grace out of you. You can try the plentiful top options of top to wear along with a pair of black trousers to completely glam-up your look.

    The choice of the cardigan, whether you like to keep subtle or radiant, floral, or in monochrome-fashion, is widely in your hands where you could twist it as per your moods and preferences, deciding the tone of your final look.
  • Leggings – A Universal Mark:

    Pairing the shimmery pullover or the animal-print fabric is entirely up to you when you have the legging as its counterpart. Bringing comfort and style at once is something that is assured with this combination.

    From wearing an angelic white top to glossy fuchsia pink is all that you can experiment upon to come up ‘n’ number of versions that you would love to flaunt in the backdrop of various occasions.

  • Don’t forget to Accessorize:

    Accessories are like the spices that bring back the lost flavor. So for you to complete your look even in your fifties or beyond, you must never abandon the significant mate of yours i.e accessories – that can turn out to be the defining factor in your look!

    For winters, you can add over the layers of scarfs, shrugs, extended neckpieces to accentuate your looks. Dignified watches, gold-colored bracelets, or even matching purses are the universal picks of all time that you must mix and match with almost every set of attire to highlight your all-time appearance.

  • Choose your Colours Wisely:

    The art of choosing the right colors for the right occasions is half the battle won already!

    Wearing provoking color that might appear a little too loud for a given occasion is something that you need to skip.

    With all said and done, there is no rule book for picking the right colors for the right time. The right fusion comes with your head and chin-up after you have finished dressing-up for a feast or a party!

  • Bring back the Old Memories with One Piece Dresses:

    One-piece isn’t always synonymous with provoking or seductive! In fact, the range of styles that the one-piece dresses have to offer are manifold. You are free to choose an elegant style based on your comfort and preference while stepping into the vigor of being young that never really went away!

    Wearing gracious collared dresses or sexy sarongs is entirely up to your preference! All you need to do is to free your spirit to wear whatever your heart desires without having to fall into the pit of overthinking.

  • Express your versatility with Kaftan:

    Wondering what can satiate your need for style and elegance at once? Well, Kaftan is one such entry to qualify both the standards.

    The radiant and lively dress style of Kaftan is something that matches the requirement of every age-category. So even if you are in your fifties and want to spill the charm, just opt for a radiant colored or perhaps bright-printed Kaftan and you are good to go!

  • Opting for Classy Hairstyles:

    If there is one attribute that can revolutionize your avatar placing you in the grip of your best appearance then that is Hairstyle!

    From keeping it short to choosing Wavy Bangs, you have got endless options to experiment with! You can also go for the streak or global hair color matching your preference that would have an enormous impact on accentuating your overall appearance. 
  • Last but not least:

    The last point would be more of a fashion tip in place of a probable clothing or style combination! The one thing that would always put you in the right frame of a fashion radar is to wear what complements you!

    Sticking to a single style dress or perhaps wearing something that doesn’t bring out your confidence is a clear indication that you must give it second thoughts.

    Mindful dressing is when you feel comfortable in your skin oozing out the air of credence and conviction.

Final Thoughts:

Never go off the fact that clothing is a direct expression of your being and implicitly communicate about your disposition to everyone you come across.

There can never be a rule book to define the right or wrong standards of clothing, the one that goes well with your inner expression is what stands right for you at the given moment.

Opposed to the sloppy skin and wrinkled appearance that age brings with it, your resistance to change is what becomes the real block in unfolding your authentic self!

So shedding all the inhibitions away, try these amazing combinations and see how it works like magic! Tell us, which one you liked the most, and share the additional tips if you have any in the comment section below!

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